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Belgian Horses won many medals at European Championship


Congratulations to Ludovic Depotter, Marie Bentley, Ingrid Verbeek and Dominique Duchene

3 belgian Horses took part in the European Championship:


TooHot For Chocolate ( Marie Bentley / Dominique Duchêne )


Open Senior Western Pleasure ( cavalier Francesco Bassi ) Gold Medal

Jackpot Western Pleasure  ( cavalier Francesco Bassi ) 1st Place

Open Men’s Western Pleasure  ( cavalier Francesco Bassi ) Gold Medal

Non-Pro Western Pleasure ( Cavalière  Marie Bentley ) Gold Medal

Open Ladie’s  Western Pleasure ( Cavalière  Marie Bentley ) Silver Medal

Non-pro Western Showmanship at halter ( Marie Bentley ) rank 7th


Oklahoma Reward ( Ludovic De Potter )


Non-pro Halter mares all age.  Silver Medal

Open tree years old mares. 1st Place ( No European Title because only 3 competitors )

Reserve Champion Mare


Eyota Mystic TT Junior ( Dominique Duchêne / Ingrid Verbeek )


Open Most Colorfull at Halter. Gold medal

Open Weanling fillies.  1st place. ( No European Titel because only 3 competitors)