Performance in all Colors and all Levels
 Here's some advice when you buy a breedappaloosa.
1 - Make sure the horse or the ApHC papers possession .
2 - They are in the name of the seller.
3 - Make sure there's a raport Transfer,signed by the last owner indicated is issued .
Some general advice .
1 - For all the papers submitted to the ApHC , take more copies.
2 - Send all important papers by registered letter with proof of delivery .
3 - Never send cash in your letters . Definitely get neither the money nor the letters to . Several people have already been the victim of .
4 - Only the thoroughbred horse, thoroughbred and quarter arab enrolled are admitted as components in their pedigree .
5 - All horses intended for breeding should do a DNA ( which can be ordered from the APHC ) . .
If you follows these counsels the most arising problems will be solved .